Thursday, June 23, 2011

wasting time

husband left today for a 4-day camping trip in north carolina. for some reason, being the only adult in the house makes me truly unmotivated to do anything productive. so little bean and i decided to make yogurt pops.

i was inspired by a post i saw this morning on a family food blog (and now i can't recall exactly where i saw it and i hate not giving credit for things--just know that this was not my idea) about making homemade popsicles.

if you read my previous post, then you know that this isn't the kind of thing i get to do very often, and although i have seen scores of blog posts and magazine articles on this very topic, i usually roll my eyes at the prospect of making my own little frozen treats.*

but then, look what happens when i am trying very hard not to be productive. i have time to spend in the kitchen, working with little hands, sneaking little bites of the fruit, licking the bowl after everything is mixed up, giving warnings not to touch mommy's plastic cups that are now dangerous because of their jagged edges (we didn't have paper cups, so we made do with what we had).

so this is what it's like to have time to do these kinds of things. it feels really good.

of course, i could have chosen not to post this for fear of backlash after last week's post. a couple of friends pointed out, "well, maybe this is how some people see YOU sometimes." whoa. really? i can't imagine. but then, i am in my life, without any of you, unless you live nearby and stop in unannounced. otherwise, the house is tidy, the hipstamatic pictures are posted, the yummy recipes are planned (though this week by husband, not me, and they were all delicious, especially since i didn't make them!).

i try really hard to be very honest here, probably to the point of making you uncomfortable sometimes, but i sort of use this as a place to work things out, which if i think about it too much seems weird since it's so public. the upside is that i receive encouragement, and even the feedback that "maybe people see you that way too" was good, in that it was a good reminder to see the glass half-full.

and isn't that why i started this blog? to see with one eye squinted?

on a side note, the idea occurred to me today that i have never come across a food blog that shows the whole picture. we get to see the pretty plate, the carefully arranged food, the little hands helping in the kitchen: you know, all the stuff that sometimes makes me crazy, makes me feel inadequate, makes me forget that everyone is human. so i thought, why not create a blog called ugly kitchen, where i take pretty pictures of things i make (and post recipes of course), but where i also reveal the periphery, the dirty dishes piled in the sink, the dog (or the husband) licking the plate clean, the counters smeared with yogurt because i filled my food processor too full for the thousandth time?

i'm not sure how often i'll post, but it will be fun, i think. so bookmark it if you want and that way you'll get updates when i finally have ugly kitchen pictures to post.

for now, i leave you with a picture that couldn't be any less ugly. happy weekend!

*basic recipe for these pops:

1 container of strawberries
1 container of blueberries
1 banana
6 to 7 healthy serving spoons' worth of low-fat Greek plain yogurt
a few good sprinkles of sugar


  1. I love you. Also, I think I could start and ugly dining room blog and re-post that pic of my table! HA! I love it. And, I agree, let the piles of dishes (and in my case, mail) be seen.

  2. can i be a contributor to the ugly kitchen and write from the perspective of people who might get it right at home for dinner but go oh-so-dear-god-help-me wrong at work? today for instance: i had three bites of leftover pasta i brought to work for lunch on tuesday and then forgot about, six almonds i scored from my desk cabinet, and whilst foraging for a utensil to eat yogurt, settled for an unwrapped plastic fork found in the way back of the "community" drawer. and took a multi vitamin.

  3. love that batman. too cute. in your spare time you should definitely make that blog. can you hear the sardonic tone? I want to sign up for ugly bathroom.

  4. those pops look really good. and that last photo is adorable. i love the first photo, is it of a wall or something. the plays of light with the subtle colors are so pretty, it's like the hipstamatic equivalent of a rothko.

  5. great photos and the ugly kitchen idea sounds fun.