Monday, May 16, 2011

did you know...

here i sit, in my usual spot, covered in pillows to prop up my wrists so i don’t develop carpal tunnel syndrome (or don’t exacerbate the swollen tendon in my left wrist that keeps me up at night). to my left: a tv tray, with a mug full of half-drunk, room temperature coffee, my wallet (because i have just bought myself a bag from here as a reward for all the long hours i sit in this spot), and a yellow fiesta plate, smeared with brown and red stains from the brownie and strawberries (the fruit makes it healthy, right?) i just consumed.

i wish i could spend more time in this creative space, writing down thoughts, posting pictures i am proud to have taken. or chronicle the potty-training nightmare that has ensued in this house over the last four months. (for instance, i just had to stop writing because someone, we will not name names, opened his door and said in the cutest voice possible, “mommy, i pee-peed.” he should be glad he is adorable, which sort of makes up for the poop tracks he left all over my bedroom rugs about an hour ago.)

or tell you about the amazing beach trip i went on with two girlfriends i hadn’t seen in over 10 years. or share with you that i’ve lost 15 pounds and oodles of inches off my hips doing this and this.

or detail for you how our family is living proof that this economy is horrible and it really is tough to find a job when you lose it. (i am thankful for health and enough food on the table.)

or did you know i opened an etsy shop at the beginning of the year? feel free to buy something or three. if you are friends with me on fb and have seen me post a photo that’s not for sale in the shop, email me and we can work something out. i just haven’t had time to post all the ones i love in there.

speaking of photos i love, is it wrong that i look at my photos and feel enormous pride? it seems weird to me, because my personality is to secretly be proud of myself for certain accomplishments but, in general, to be self-deprecating. i am not sure where this came from, but i don’t generally allow myself to say nice things about myself. so when i look at pictures i have taken and get emotional, i’m not really sure what to do with that.

speaking of getting emotional, i have had several electronic heart-to-hearts lately, and it makes me ever grateful for the technological advances that make it possible for me to love on (and be loved on by) friends and family who are thousands of miles from me.

speaking of loving on, does anyone reading this ever use that phrase? a friend from up north recently told me that i’m the first persons she’s ever heard say it. which made me think maybe it’s a southern phrase?

let’s all try to find time to do just one thing this week to love on someone else. it makes me appreciate what i have, makes me focus on the positive, uplifts me a little. 


  1. I feel loved-on just reading this... and yes, it's a southern thing. xoxo

  2. Very, very nice post!

    And yes, I'm as southern as you get and I'm ALWAYS loving on someone, or blessing their heart... ;-)


  3. I am loved on and loving on you girl. way to go all around—the 15 lbs., the celebratory tote, the sweet treat and the way your heart sings when you love a photo you took. it is time to reclaim our right to be proud of ourselves for our accomplishments and to luxuriate for a bit before all the typical paradise-soiling thoughts come crashing the party as they are wont to do. hear hear. xoxo